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Customized industrial
weighing solutions

We develop custom industrial weighing solutions according to our clients’ goals and needs. We manufacture tailor-made weighing equipment and scales, adapting or creating a system from scratch that fits the specifics of the client’s proposal. As the project progresses, we establish ongoing collaboration with the client to achieve the intended results.

Benefits of industrial weighing solutions:

  • Integration of weighing equipment into production lines
  • Easy communication between weighing equipment and the company’s ERP system
  • Classification of products in manufacturing based on weight
  • Weight control at various stages of production
  • Quick and automatic inventory management
  • Automation of processes and increased productivity
  • Digitalization of weight data, eliminating manual errors
  • Connectivity via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, with or without a weight indicator
  • Scales with Legal Metrology compliance to meet current regulations when required.
  • Development of Webserver solutions, where weighings from different scales located in various locations are centralized in a single database, accessible from a web browser.
  • Verification of picking processes.
  • Mobile scales: Weighing pallets right where they are needed, without the need for relocation – take the scale to where it’s needed and send weight data where it’s needed, avoiding unnecessary transfers.

The R&D department of Gram Group manages the creation of all kinds of industrial weighing projects, leveraging our scales and weighing platforms with the most advanced and competitive digital technology: our proprietary Xtrem® module.

Weighing and connectivity systems
with the latest XTREM® technology

Our digital weighing systems, integrated into the equipment itself, offer significant flexibility, connectivity, and autonomy by being able to connect to various devices through ZLink® digital communication technology, both via cable and WiFi.

Z Link® secure digital connection

The data can be sent directly to an indicator, PC, tablet, or Android smartphone. This transmission is always done with maximum security from the module itself, which stores all the adjustment and calibration information.

  1. Weigh your products with a weighing system

  2. With the advanced Xtrem® Digital Module connectivity, weighing data is sent directly to your devices.

Industrial sectors

Thanks to our advanced digital weighing engineering, we are able to provide solutions for management needs with weighing and control systems for large companies in the hospitality, textile, food, logistics, and waste management industries, among others, we integrate our digital weighing systems into their production or storage equipment and systems.

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