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The most advanced digital scales
with Z Link® technology and Legal Metrology

Full Digital

Advanced Z Link® connectivity with modular legal metrology:
WiFi, Ethernet and Serial RS232C.

High resolution as standard

2 weighing ranges up to 3,000 divisions for higher resolution.

Maximum data security

Digital Z Link® connection protected with a steel tube so the data are secured.

Z Link® digital connections

Choose the distance between your equipment and the indicator or PC with our long
Z Link® connections protected in steel tubing, without the need for subsequent adjustments.

Digital display indicators

Our indicators with Legal Metrology are interchangeable and communicate
with the equipment through the Digital Z Link® connection.

Direct display on PC

Our Xtrem® PC software with Legal Metrology allows you to view and interact with various Xtrem® M devices.

Xtrem® app with label printing

Our Android application connects directly to your Xtrem® equipment
to view, record and print your data or labels (1).
(1) Android app without Legal Metrology coverage.

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Our products with Xtrem® technology:

Xtrem Buffalo M

Xtrem Falcon M

Xtrem Penguin M

Xtrem Condor M

Xtrem Tortuga M

Xtrem Bengal M

Xtrem Lion M

Xtrem Mamut M

Xtrem Speed M

Xtrem Scorpion M

Xtrem Lion S - M

Xtrem Tortuga S - M

Xtrem Condor S - M

Xtrem Cayman S - M

Xtrem Crocodile S - M

Xtrem Scorpio S - M


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